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What is a Service?

Services ExplainedA ‘service’ has several characteristics:

  • A service is a type of economic activity.
  • A service is an idea or action expressed in different ways.
  • A service is intangible.
  • A service does not result in ownership.
  • A service is consumed at point of sale and therefore cannot be stored.
  • The service provider and service consumer are inseparable from service delivery.
  • A service is one-time generated, rendered and consumed and is therefore unique.

Why are services important?

The services sector plays an integral role in economic development.  From the important buy brand name ambien online social role health and education services play in affecting the quality of life and skills of the labour force, to the basic infrastructure created by construction and telecommunication services essential to all businesses, to the role financial and transportation services play in supporting the traditional manufacturing and agricultural sectors, to the value professional services impart in enhancing the competitiveness of any business – the services sector is the cornerstone of all economic activity.