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International Coalition Movement

Organizations Around The World

Coming Together To Strengthen Each Other

The coalition movement began in the 1980’s with the establishment of the US Coalition of Service Industries (USCSI) and have been since established in countries throughout the world.

Like USCSI, most service coalitions in developed countries focus on lobbying and raising the profile of the service sector.  These efforts traditionally revolve around the market access needs of their membership – i.e. promoting services liberalization.  For example, these coalitions are actively involved in negotiation processes, providing position papers from their membership or interfacing with the negotiators directly.  Their interventions are usually focused on the liberalization how to buy ambien online necessary, or other types of market access changes required to increase the market share of their members.

The coalitions in developed countries also seek to raise the profile of the services sector by providing statistics and other evidence regarding to the importance of this sector.  They typically encourage governments to focus attention on this sector as it relates to necessary policy changes, incentives, or other initiatives that the government might put in place that their members believe would enhance the competitiveness of the sector.  Such pronouncements are common when global leaders meet on major economic issues (e.g. G8, G20, WEF, etc.)