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Coalitions and Their Impact on Stakeholders


  • The establishment of a services sector focal point can aid governments in:
  • Collecting information from private sector (data, success stories, sectoral positions, feedback on proposed policies, incentives, legislation).
  • Disseminating information to private sector.
  • Serving as a ‘voice’ for the services sector – governments tend to respond well to organized lobbying – thereby ensuring that the government best serves the needs of its stakeholders.
  • Capturing services data.
  • A coalition can also play a large role in organizing the services sector via the formation of new sectoral associations and offering support to existing associations, thereby creating new focal points and/or improving those already established for further government dialogue.
  • A coalition can push government to seek/adopt fair, multilateral rules for trade in services.
  • A coalition can raise the profile of the services sector, encouraging governments to adopt a ‘services first’ approach.
  • A coalition can raise the profile of the national services sector, encouraging investors to invest and enhancing the credibility and competitiveness of the services sector, thereby increasing investment and foreign exchange.
  • A coalition can also serve as a vehicle for aligning with other international coalitions in raising the profile of the domestic services sector internationally.


  • A coalition offers a focal point for the collection and dissemination of information.
  • A coalition offers a platform via which private sector positions and developmental needs regarding trade negotiations are more readily obtainable.
  • The coalition serves as a partner in hosting informational forums for the private sector regarding trade related issues.
  • A coalition can assist in the simplification of technical trade information to ensure a better understanding at private sector level.

Service Associations

  • A coalition can assist in the establishment of new service associations and in the strengthening of existing associations through administrative and developmental support.
  • A coalition can encourage and enable service associations to implement export-focused services and offers ambien online in america training regarding the same.
  • A coalition can assist in the development of national sectoral strategies, involving the input from various related service associations.
  • A coalition can lobby on behalf of service associations or services sectors to governments or other international agents.
  • A coalition can facilitate the establishment of Mutual Recognition Agreements or address related market entry/access issues.
  • A coalition establishes relationships and networks with other service associations across the region or internationally.
  • A coalition can facilitate networking opportunities amongst association members.
  • A coalition offers service associations the opportunity to raise public awareness on the roles of the association and the types of services being offered by its membership.
  • A coalition can encourage services associations to adopt high, international standards.

Private Sector Operators

  • A coalition can raise the awareness of trade in services issues to private sector operators and draws to their attention information that will affect their competitiveness.
  • A coalition can simplify technical trade material for its membership via web platforms, newsletters or through workshops and other forums.
  • A coalition can offer training and other support that will enhance the competitiveness of the private sector.
  • A coalition can provide export opportunities and elaborate export promotion activities such as trade missions.
  • A coalition can provide market information.
  • A coalition can assist in the formation of strategic alliances nationally and internationally.
  • A coalition can offer networking opportunities both nationally and internationally.
  • A coalition can assist its individual members in establishing credibility through alignment with the coalition or via initiatives such as awards programmes.


  • A coalition raises the awareness of trade in services issues.
  • A coalition raises the profile of the services sector and ensures that the value and contribution of the services sector is well understood.

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