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CARICOM Coalition Movement


Flag of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM)

At a 2001 meeting of the CARICOM Council of Trade and Economic Development, a regional services sector development plan was agreed upon by CARICOM Heads of Government.  The plan included the establishment of national coalitions in each member state, as well as a regional coalition.  The CARICOM Secretariat was consequently mandated to support the formation of these organizations.

The twelve objectives of a national services coalition proposed by CARICOM are as follows:

  • to provide the service providers with knowledge of export opportunities;
  • to organise trade missions to identify and exploit market opportunities;
  • to encourage service providers to engage in developing export programmes and promotional activities through collaboration locally, regionally, and internationally;
  • to promote the further development and competitiveness of the services sector;
  • to ensure that the highest industry standards are met by all service providers;
  • to educate the service providers on relevant aspects of the CARICOM buy real ambien online Single Market and Economy, Free Trade of the Americas, World Trade Organisation, African-Caribbean-Pacific/European Union, and any other trade agreements or developments that can affect trade in services;
  • to educate service providers on relevant Government policies that can assist or hinder the export of services;
  • to represent the interests of the services sector, including lobbying Government and promoting fair multinational rules for trade in services;
  • to promote the organization of non-organized service providers;
  • to advise government on market conditions/trends with a view to implement/relax policies to protect local practitioners;
  • to encourage strategic alliances/partnerships with regional and extra-regional counterparts; and
  • to ensure that factors such as population, GDP, size of country and educational resources are contemplated during the implementation of CSME.

To date the CARICOM national coalitions are at different stages of implementation and execution, with fully functioning (i.e. staffed) coalitions in four member states (Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, Barbados and Jamaica.