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Dominica’s Private Sector Forum 2017

24th Jan2017
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The Dominica Business Forum (DBF), comprises of the Dominica Employers’ Federation (DEF), the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association (DHTA), the Dominica Coalition of Service Industries (DCSI), the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce (DAIC), the Dominica Manufacturers’ Association (DMA), the Dominica Builders and Contractors Association (BCAD) and the OECS Business Council.


The DBF was established in December 2012 for the stated purpose in the Memorandum of Understanding, which:

  • “Establishes a platform to strengthen the representation and articulation of the interests of the Dominica business community and matters connected thereto.
  • Establishes guidelines for collaboration between the Parties in pursuing their respective mandates.
  • Creates the Dominica Business Forum as the consolidated mechanism, institution, think-tank and voice of the private sector on matters of micro, meso and macro importance to business and civil society, and to exist alongside the respective member associations.”

Since its inception, the DBF has engaged the Government of Dominica in many discussions related to the Dominica Private Sector which resulted in the establishment of a working group in collaboration with the committee of Permanent Secretaries headed by the Cabinet Secretary.


The DBF recognizes that although its membership comprises of the respective business organizations, a significant number of private sector enterprises are not members of the relevant organizations and as a result the interests of the broader private sector may not be represented by the various organizations and there appears to be a disconnect with the ability of some buy ambien drug organizations to access the authorities.


The DBF also recognizes the absence of open dialogue within the private sector and the apparent discontent which exists with the role of the private sector within the Dominican economy.


  1. The Dominica Private Sector will establish linkages among themselves
  2. The importance of strengthening the various organizations through increased membership
  3. Identify the challenges and opportunities for the private sector and devise ways of addressing it
  4. Recognize the critical role the private sector plays within the economy as it relates to job creation, revenue and other social contributions.
  5. The importance of the private sector as an indispensable partner to the public sector
  6. The need for a vibrant private sector capable of engaging in fostering strategic alliances within itself, with the public sector and abroad in realizing beneficial trading relationships.
  7. An increase in membership of all the BSOs involved in the private sector.
  8. Recognition of successful private sector enterprises and the establishment of a mechanism to reward and encourage entrepreneurs.

The presentations should include empirical data on the respective sectors which should guide the recommendations to be adopted.


Individuals within the private sector who are not members of the respective organizations shall be given the opportunity to share their experiences and to explain the benefits of not being a member of the relevant organizations.


Issues affecting the private sector will be prioritized for appropriate action and the way forward for the Dominica Private Sector.


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