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Buy Dominica Awards 2016




Buy Dominica Award Criteria, Nomination Form & Judging Process (Click for nomination form and award details)

Roseau, Dominica, August 3, 2016 – The Buy Dominica Campaign, a collaboration between the Dominica Manufacturers Association (DMA) and the Dominica Coalition of Service can you really buy ambien online Industries (DCSI), along with the Dominica Export Import Agency (DEXIA) and the Ministry of Commerce, Enterprise and Small Business Development announces the official opening of Buy Dominica Awards, honoring outstanding manufacturers and service providers.

The award ceremony, which will be held at the Fort Young Hotel on September 29th from 6:00 pm, is the first of its kind and represents a moment for us to recognize the transformational role that manufacturing and services play in our lives. It is the only green carpet event to honor and bring together outstanding players of both industries.

We are now accepting submissions in various categories. The deadline for entry of submissions is August 25th.

Key Dates:

  • August 25, 2016 – End of Submissions
  • September 8, 2016 – End of Shortlisting Process
  • September 29, 2016 – Dinner and Award Ceremony

Eligibility Criteria
To apply for any category of award, nominees must satisfy the following:

  • Nominees must be a registered member of Dominica Manufacturers’ Association &/or Buy Dominica Supercenter for the manufacturing awards, or a registered member of associations of Dominica Coalition of Service Industries for services awards
  • Companies must be registered in Dominica and 51% locally owned
  • There will be only one winner per category
  • Nominations for each category can be made by nominees or an external party
  • A signed declaration must accompany the thoroughly completed nomination form
  • Provide a 100 word summary of the company which will be used for promotion if shortlisted
  • Provide a 300-500 word summary which will be used if winning the award
  • Judges reserve the right to withhold granting of an award in any category if entry requirements and standards are not met
  • Nomination closes August 25th  2016



Excellence in Service Delivery

    1. Music
    2. Audiovisual
    3. Architecture
    4. Building/Construction
    5. Engineering
    6. Craft
    7. ICT
    8. Health and Wellness
    9. Accounting
    10. Management Consulting
  1. Service Sector Champion – People’s Choice Award



  1. Best New Product
  2. Best Quality Product
  3. Best Labeling/Packaging
  4. Most Eco-Friendly Friendly Product
  5. Best Selling Product at BDS
  6. Most Innovative Product
  7. Best Art and Craft Manufacturer
  8. Best Health and Wellness Manufacturer
  9. Best Food and Drink Manufacturer
  10. Best Overall Manufacturer


The Buy Dominica Month in September dubbed, ‘Buy Local, Go Global! Building our Products and Services for Global Success’ seeks to encourage growth in the local marketplace to take advantage of opportunities in the international marketplace.

To become a partner in the Buy Dominica Campaign or for more information, feel free to contact our offices at (767)448-3460 or (767)266-4092 or email us at or respectively. Visit our websites and like us on Facebook.

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