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JARS Sales & Services Ltd.

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Services: Access Roads and Retaining Walls, Construction, Heavy Equipment Rental, Pipe Laying, Remodeling, Restoration, Sewage Systems, Water Storage and Distribution Systems

Mr. Steven Astaphan is the Managing Director of JARS Sales & Services Ltd.  Astaphan, a trained Civil Engineer with over 15 years experience in project management structural engineering and road works, specialized in the construction of water and sewerage distribution networks.  Mr. Astaphan is a  member of Dominica Association of Professional Engineers (DAPE) and Caribbean Water and Wasterwater Association (CWWA). He sits on the Board of Directors of Dominica Association of Industry & Commerce (DAIC) and Dominica Employer’s Federation (DEF).

Company Profile

A civil engineering contractor with a reputation for emphasizing quality and client satisfaction. JARS Sales & Services Ltd is based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, in the Eastern Caribbean. They specialize in general construction, water and sewage distribution, pipe laying, remodeling and restoration, and heavy equipment rental.

The company is quickly developing as an industry leader for its expertise in completing projects timely and efficiently in varied cultural, topographical, and climatic environments.

As one of the fastest growing Dominican construction companies, experienced in city improvement works and rural infrastructural development, JARS Sales & Services Ltds. are as comfortable working with public sector projects as they are with satisfying the needs of corporate clients.

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JARS Sales & Services Ltd.

Checkhall/Massacre Highway,
P.O. Box 555,
Commonwealth of Dominica

Business Phone: +1(767) 449-9865 Mobile: +1(767) 616-9693 or 616-9683 Fax: +1(767) 440-9865 eMail: Website:

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