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Sorell Consulting Ltd.

Sorell Consulting Ltd (SCL) was established in 2004 by two highly educated, trained, experienced and dedicated engineers, to offer independent and quality Consulting Engineering and Project Management Services in the rapidly growing Building, Civil, Structural, Water/Wastewater and Environental Industries in Dominica and the wider Caribbean region.  Mr. Alistair Grell is the Director of Sorell Consulting Ltd (SCL).

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Sorell Consulting Ltd (SCL) specialises in a range of engineering services for both the private and public sector. As professionals, they contract projects which deal with design, construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment, including roads, bridges, dams and buildings etc. Sorell helps clients assess, develop, and implement their ideas in an efficient manner. SCL is a part of The Millenia Group Inc.

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  1. you state that you design and construct roads and so on; what of having a road from the soufriere tamarind tree to morne jalousie, can you see if that is a feasable project? i am planning to invest a house on the hill there, and i would like to know how to go about accessing it by a fairly good foot path or road. i find it to be very straining on the feet.

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