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AAD Audiovisual Association of Dominica

31st Dec2014

AAD Audiovisual Association of Dominica


Our mission is to promote and support the growth of professionals and businesses in Dominica’s audiovisual sector.  The Association launched in June 2013.


Membership in the Association is open to both individuals and to businesses. Being a member of the Audiovisual Association of Dominica will enable you or your company to benefit from activities and initiatives designed to improve the business climate for audiovisual professionals, and to support professional development.


Our Objectives include:


– To help generate business opportunities for members


– To provide training and professional development opportunities for



–  To advocate for a regulatory environment to promote and support the growth

of professionals and businesses in the audiovisual sector


– To establish and maintain an adequate and up-to-date database of

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– To provide networking opportunities and endorsements by the Association

linking with regional bodies, festivals and funding agencies


– To create partnerships with cable providers and other content distributors


– To educate members about industry standards and broadcast rules


Board of Directors (AAD)


President: Jessica Canham

Vice-President: Anita Bully

Treasurer: Yuri A. Jones

Secretary: Gloria Septra Augustus

Officer: Sandra Vivas

Officer: Elias Dupuis


AAD is a member of The Dominica Coalition of Service Industries (DCSI).  DCSI is providing administrative and office support to the Association, and other critical support including of capacity building. The DCSI is the lead organization in Dominica with the responsibility to safeguard the interests, and foster the growth and sustainability of the service sector.

Contact Info:
President: Jessica Canham contacts: Email: / Tel: (767) 449-2342

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